SCA Applets

SCA Applets are independent software programs that are executable under the SCA Statistical System. Through this applet technology, SCA users can easily embed the instructions of any user-developed program or off-the-shelf program within the framework of the SCA macro command language. With the implementation of this technology, it not only increases the convenience and flexibility for SCA users, it also extends the capabilities of the SCA Statistical System dramatically. Applet technology is available for the 32-bit version of the PC SCA System. This will be expanded to other platforms in the future.

SCA Applet technology was developed to address the following goals:

Allow users to interface a variety of user developed programs with the SCA System in a convenient and structured manner. Allow SCA Development Partners to develop programs that extend the statistical capabilities of the SCA System or provide utility functions that enhance the productivity of SCA users. Allow a convenient environment for users to integrate/execute other off-the-shelf software systems under the SCA System through a generalized program interface.

SCA Applets may be developed using a variety of programming language (e.g., Fortran, C, Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc.).

SCA has developed several Applet programs that are available to registered SCA users at no cost. Other applets developed by SCA, or by SCA's development partners, will be made available at significant savings.

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