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Scientific Computing Associates Corp. develops statistical software and provides consulting services for advanced business and industrial applications. SCA was established under the collaborative efforts of several distinguished statistical professionals including George E.P. Box of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, George C. Tiao of the University of Chicago, Lon-Mu Liu of the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Mervin E. Muller of the Ohio State University.

SCA possesses deep academic roots and has always been dedicated to the advancement of statistics into business and industrial solutions. SCA's principal advisors alone account for several hundred published articles and more than a dozen books in the field of applied statistics and econometrics. SCA also maintains working relationships with a number of leading researchers in the fields of statistics, econometrics, decision analysis, engineering, finance, and information technology. SCA acknowledges their councel and research contributions in helping SCA maintain its leading position as a statistical software development and consulting company.

Since its inception, SCA has developed state-of-the art software focusing on time series and forecasting methodologies. By leveraging its research ambitions in the areas of advanced time series analysis and forecasting, the SCA System offers advanced modeling capabilities that are unique, and in high demand, to address various business and industrial applications.

In addition to its advanced software products, SCA provides consulting services addressing a variety of data analysis and systems integration solutions. Integration solutions take on very low risk for SCA clients since they are predicated on proven software components and established open architecture design. SCA has completed consulting projects and provided software solutions for a variety of clients in the automotive, banking, investment, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunication, and service industries. SCA has also provided successful solutions for domestic and international governments.

The SCA Statistical System is an advanced software product that may be used as a stand alone package or it may be integrated with an existing client application requiring plug-in capabilities for forecasting, time series analysis, or advanced data analysis methods. The SCA System is available on IBM and VAX mainframe computers, IBM RS/6000, SUN, HP, Silicon Graphics, Convex, SCO Openserver, Linux, Windows 95/98/NT, and other platforms.

The B34S ProSeries Econometric System is a powerful software product that extends the capabilities of the SCA System to include advanced econometric analysis capabilities. The B34S ProSeries System is available for IBM mainframe computers, IBM RS/6000, SUN, Windows 95/98/NT, and other platforms.

Statistical Consulting Services
SCA builds its reputation on experience and solid data analysis solutions. Our team is comprised of leading research statisticians, applied econometricians, as well as specialized consultants and IT professionals with a minimum 10-15 years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.

SCA takes the time to listen to its clients, understand the issues, look at the data, and recommend a plan of action that will bring its clients to a solution. SCA is best known for its work in time series analysis and forecasting methods, but is also experienced in other areas of statistical data analysis applications.

Customization Services
SCA has the experience and track record to blend various statistical methods in a unified approach to achieve results for its clients. These customized solutions may be in the form of a one-time study or in the form of an integrated software application that interfaces with existing IT-Systems used by its clients.

Strategic Alliances
Over the years, SCA has developed close strategic alliances with companies and individuals that compliment SCA's products and services. Through its strategic alliances, SCA can draw from an extensive pool of expert talent to leverage specialists in various fields such as systems integration, network and database design, data mining and database marketing, internet/intranet, and the like.

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