System Integration

Scientific Computing Associates (SCA) has the "know-how" and proven experience to deliver a winning solution to the client that maximizes return and minimizes risk.

SCA is a team of statisticians, econometricians, business analysts, statistical modelers, and IT professionals providing systems integration solutions and consulting services to corporations worldwide.

SCA provides a high level of expertise and experience in the development of large-scale corporate forecasting systems and decision support systems. We have implemented highly successsful solutions for clients in telecommunications, energy, banking, investment, manufacturing, government, and service related industries.

SCA's software encompass a wide range of statistical methods for forecasting, time series analysis, econometric analysis, quality improvement, and general statistical analysis. We are not locked into a narrow band of methodology and as a result, we allow the client's data and business environment to validate the most appropriate methods for a given application. SCA solutions are built from the data up!

Upon completing a proof of concept analysis, we will customize a solution that is optimized to run within the client's architecture design. By leveraging "best of breed" software components and open architecture technology, we can efficiently design a client-focused solution that is easily maintained, and addresses client-specific business requirements.

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