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SCA provides technical support for current versions of the SCA Statistical System by telephone, FAX, mail and electronic mail. Users may communicate directly with SCA's support staff by telephone during normal business hours. SCA maintains office hours during Weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. Users who are unable to call during normal business hours or need to provide SCA with supporting written material may use the alternative methods mentioned below.

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Other SCA Support Services

  1. A collection of technical working papers are available for purchase that primarily focus on time series analysis and forecasting applications.

  2. SCA offers statistical consulting services for a variety of cross-industry applications involving forecasting and time series analysis methods.


What to Do Before Contacting Technical Support

  1. Review the section of the SCA document related to the capability or procedure.

  2. Double check the syntax related to the capability or procedure. Some of the most common errors are typing errors, a missing period omitted to separate an SCA option sentence, or a command line exceeding 72 characters in length (use the "@" line continuation symbol for command lines that exceed 72 characters).

  3. Review the SCA macro procedures related to the capability causing you problems. Extensive macro procedures are distributed with the SCA Statistical System that test most, if not all, capabilities of the SCA System.

  4. Make a printout of the SCA output that was generated during your SCA session. Sometimes it is necessary for SCA's support staff to review or refer to this information in order to diagnose the problem. It is also helpful if you have access to the SCA System on your computer when you call SCA's support staff.

  5. SCA's support staff may require the following information about your SCA System software: (a) Release or version number of the SCA System you are using, (b) your SCA Identification Code, (c) your operating system version, and (d) the exact error message generated by the SCA System.

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