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Scientific Computing Associates develops computer software in, and provides consulting services for applied statistical and data analysis applications. SCA was established in 1981 under the collaborative efforts of several leading academic professionals including George E.P. Box, George C. Tiao, Lon-Mu Liu, and Mervin E. Muller.

SCA is dedicated to the advancement of statistics into business and industrial solutions. By leveraging its research ambitions in the areas of advanced time series analysis and forecasting, the SCA System offers high-end modeling capabilities that are unique and in high demand to address various business and industrial applications.

SCA also develops customized software solutions and provides consulting services for applied data analysis applications. SCA has completed consulting projects and provided software solutions for a variety of clients in the automotive, banking, investment, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunication, and service industries as well as in domestic and international government.

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, Second Edition (April 09, Version 2.2)
By Lon-Mu Liu, Ph.D., Univ. of Illinois at Chicago

ISBN: 978-0-9765056-8-6  Format: Hardcover; 578 pp
Price: $60.00 for a limited time (regularly $75.00)
(90-day version of SCA Practitioner Edition for $30 more)

This book is one of the most important works written on applied time series analysis and forecasting. The author achieves this goal by distilling and integrating important research results on time series analysis and forecasting into cohesive and comprehensible methodologies.
Topics Introduction to time series analysis and forecasting Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) Models Seasonal ARIMA models Automatic ARIMA modeling using expert systems Transfer function models Analysis of time series with calendar effects Intervention analysis (impact analysis) and outlier detection Power transformations and forecasting ARCH/GARCH analysis (heteroscedastic modeling) Vector ARMA and other multivariate methods Simultaneous transfer function (STF) models Causality analysis Segmented time series modeling and forecasting Nonlinear time seriesmodeling Time series data mining Forecasting using exponential smoothing methods

The SCA Statistical System (Release 8.0) is an advanced software product that may be used as a stand alone package or it may be integrated with an existing client application requiring plug-in capabilities for forecasting, time series analysis, or advanced data analysis methods. The SCA System is available on Windows platforms and a variety of unix-based platforms.

The SCA Statistical System is organized into Editions. The Practitioner Edition provides expert-system automatic time series modeling and forecasting features with power-packed capabilities to automatically detect and adjust for outliers during estimation and forecasting. This edition appeals to users with large-scale forecasting applications as well as users interested in time series data mining and exploration. Other editions are available that appeal to individuals learning time series methodology as well as individuals with advanced and specialized research needs.

The SCA Statistical System software covers all the topics and methodologies described in the book, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, 2nd Edition, plus more!

The B34S ProSeries Econometric System is a powerful software product that extends the capabilities of the SCA System to include advanced econometric analysis, nonlinear/nonparametric predictive modeling capabilities, and classification methods.
Introduction to time series analysis and forecasting Includes SCAB34S GARCH and SPLINES products PI-spline, ACE, and GAM non-linear modeling MARSpline, Projection Pursuit Regression, and Least Angle Regression State space models and non-linear testing of models Cointegration Kalman filtering Regression estimation using OLS, GLS, L1 and MINIMAX models BLUS and RA analysis, Error component analysis, and Recursive residual analysis Principal component analysis and QR model estimation LOGIT, PROBIT, TOBIT Spectral analysis Comprehensive applet development environment and matrix programming language
To order the B34S software, please click on "Contact Us" to request a fee schedule and order form.
SCA builds its reputation on experience and solid data analysis solutions. Our team is comprised of Ph.D. level statisticians and econometricians, as well as other specialized consultants with a minimum ten to twenty-five+ years experience in their respective fields.

SCA takes the time to listen to its clients, understand the issues, look at the data, and recommend a plan of action that will bring its clients to a solution. SCA is best known for its work in time series analysis and forecasting methods, but is also experienced in other areas of statistical data analysis applications.

Over the years, SCA has developed close strategic alliances with companies and individuals that compliment SCA's products and services. Through its strategic alliances, SCA can draw from an extensive pool of expert talent to leverage specialists in various fields such as integration, network and database design, internet/intranet, data mining, and the like.

SCA has the experience and track record to blend various statistical methods in a unified approach to achieve results for its clients. These customized solutions may be in the form of a one-time study or in the form of an integrated software application that interfaces with existing IT-Systems used by its clients.

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