Business Alliances

SCA has developed close strategic alliances with companies and individuals that compliment SCA’s products and services. Through its strategic alliances, SCA can draw from an extensive pool of expert talent to leverage specialists in various fields such as simulation and process optimization, network and database design, web-based processes, and training.

SCA has the experience and track record to blend various statistical methods in a unified approach to achieve results for its clients. These customized solutions may be in the form of a one-time study or in the form of an integrated software application that interfaces with existing IT-Systems used by its clients.


Group Systemic Solutions

GSS Inc. is a Canadian engineering company specialized in the strategic/technical Lean Six Sigma and simulation consulting for process optimization in healthcare, airport activities and logistics/manufacturing.

Houston H. Stokes, Ph.D.

Houston Stokes is a Professor of Economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is the developer of the B34S Econometric System which is an integrated component of SCA software. Professor Stokes has also written books and published a great number of papers in the field of econometrics and computing. SCA is honored to have such a longstanding and successful partnership with Prof. Stokes.


Milestone Planning and Research, Inc.

Milestone Planning & Research, Inc. (MPR) is a firm specializing in delivering successful project management performance for technology projects. MPR provides contract project management, project management consulting and proprietary project management software. John Aaron, President and lead consultant, has led the industry in developing applied, innovative methods and tools within the project management discipline.


Scientific Formosa, Inc.

Scientific Formosa Inc. (SFI) is one of the leading software distributors in Taiwan with sufficient experience in marketing, sales and technical support. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Taipei, SFI has approximately 30 employees. SFI's products are mainly via well-established direct sales methods accompanied with sufficient indirect sales channels. SFI is the official SCA software distributor in Taiwan.

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