Scientific Computing Associates (SCA) is a team of statisticians, econometricians, business analysts, and IT professionals providing consulting services and systems integration solutions to corporations worldwide. SCA provides statistical and econometric consulting services for business and industrial applications. Among our expertise include

Statistical forecasting process improvement
SAP APO DP model assignment and bencharking
Time series profiling and classification of complex relational structures
Accuracy improvement using multi-tier forecast aggregation and disaggregation methods
Establishing baseline forecast accuracy levels and attainable improvements
Customized forecasting model development and maintenance
Statistical forecast outsourcing service
Modeling and forecasting of highly granular time series (e.g., POS and scanner data)
Predictive modeling using multiple-input time series models, econometric models, and non-linear data mining methods
Intervention (impact) analysis

SCA also provides a high level of expertise and experience in the development of large-scale corporate forecasting systems and decision support systems. We have implemented highly successsful solutions for clients in telecommunications, energy, banking, investment, manufacturing, government, and service related industries.

Upon completing a proof of concept analysis, we can customize a solution that is optimized to run within the client's architecture design. By leveraging "best of breed" software components and open architecture technology, we can efficiently design a client-focused solution that is easily maintained, and addresses client-specific business requirements. SCA has the "know-how" and proven experience to deliver a winning solution to the client that maximizes return and minimizes risk.

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