What’s New in SCA?
Release 8.1 of the SCA System goes far beyond the scope of other software when it comes to forecasting, modeling, and analyzing time series data. SCA is used as an integrated engine driving forecasting applications, as a standalone statistical system for research and time series applications, and as an educational tool for universities.
B34S ProSeries is a full-featured econometric system. It provides comprehensive capabilities that encompass a variety of cross-sectional, linear and nonlinear predictive modeling, and time series modeling methods. Users will also appreciate the ability to customize user-defined procedures and routines through a generalized matrix programming environment.
The book, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, Second Edition, by Lon-Mu Liu covers many unique and simplified approaches to time series analysis and forecasting. Order on-line or call today for more information. Order Now!
“I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking practical knowledge in the methods of time series analysis and forecasting. The author does a wonderful job at distilling the vast amount of research available in this field to a comprehensible and streamlined approach to time series analysis and forecasting …..” by C. Chen, Professor of Finance, Syracuse University
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Students - Bundle Book with the SCA System
SCA offers a six-month license to the SCA Practitioner Edition bundled with the book, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, for classroom instruction and independent study. Bookstore and multiple unit discounts available upon request.
SCA has the “know-how” and proven experience to deliver a winning solution that maximizes our client’s investment andminimizes risk. SCA is a team of statisticians, econometricians, business analysts, and IT professionals providing consulting services and systems integration solutions to businesses worldwide

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